Emerging Media

Whether it’s a killer app, a new gaming platform, or an immersive virtual-reality experience, it’s being created at NYU Tandon.

We’re exploring and developing new modes of communication that are impacting not only the worlds of art and entertainment but education, business, and healthcare. New York is the heart of the media universe, and NYU Tandon has its finger on the pulse.

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NYU Tandon’s Integrated Digital Media program is a STEAM engine, driving creative practice, experimentation, media design, and engineering. Our projects include using motion capture technology to reimagine theatrical performance; harnessing AR/VR to radically change the way people engage with information, entertainment, the environment, and one another; creating citizen science tools to empower New York City residents; and helping NASA develop next-generation user interfaces for space exploration. We are constantly modifying industry-standard technologies and creating new ones, and we’re doing it across multiple sectors including media and entertainment, health, training and education, tourism, commerce and retail, engineering and design, architecture and construction, and civic technology and smart cities.

With access to a virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) lab山东体彩11选5开奖结果, fully equipped motion-capture facility, recording studio, and countless other resources, our students and faculty are bridging the gap between culture and technology in new and exciting ways.

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Academic Programs

Our Bachelor of Science Integrated Digital Media (IDM) program centers around the IDM core, a suite of courses that focus on the four areas of Image, Sound, Narrative, and Interactivity.
On Campus

The Integrated Digital Media (IDM) Program fosters creative practice, design research and multidisciplinary experimentation with emerging media technologies.
On Campus
Blended (On Campus and Online)

Computer science focuses on designing, building, and using the computers and systems that we interact with every day — from iPhones to the complex databases in banks and hospitals.
On Campus

We offer a highly adaptive MS in Computer Science program that lets you shape the degree around your interests, from such topics as computer and network security, computer graphics, and web search technology.
On Campus

Research Labs and Groups

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Game Innovation Lab

The Game Innovation Lab brings together faculty and students from the School of Engineering and the greater NYU community doing research focused on games as an innovation challenge. The Lab's emphasis is on the technical / engineering / science side of games and simulations. Sample projects include user interface innovation (sensor-based tracking, multi-touch), network and video quality research, and research on games for learning.

Mobile AR

Mobile Augmented Reality Lab

NYU’s Mobile Augmented Reality Lab is devoted to pioneering the field of mobile augmented reality with emerging AR technologies.

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NYC Media Lab

NYC Media Lab connects media and technology companies with New York City’s universities to drive innovation, entrepreneurship and talent development.

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Online Political Ads Transparency Project

This project is focused on improving the transparency of online political advertising. Our goals are to build tools to collect and archive political advertising data. We will make publically available our data collection tools and raw data collected to enable analysis of online political advertising by anyone interested.

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Located at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, RLab is the nation’s first city-funded center for research, entrepreneurship and education in virtual and augmented-reality, spatial computing and other evolving interactive technologies.

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Visualization and Data Analytics ViDA Center

The Visualization and Data Analytics Research Center at NYU consists of computer scientists who work closely with domain experts to apply the latest advances in computing to problems of critical societal importance, and simultaneously generate hypotheses and methods that new data sources and data types demand.